How to disinfect your computer from viruses

The steps to follow when your computer has been infected with a virus are divided into two classes, which are aimed at cleaning the virus that affects you at that time and those that are aimed at preventing future infections.

Clean the viruses that are affecting you

Step 1: Perform ON-LINE DISINFECTION to detect which viruses you have. For this Panda offers, through its web page, a means of doing so called ActiveScan and finds it on the Internet.

It will ask for your email address and during the next steps will ask if you want it to clean the viruses it finds. It is recommended that you activate this last option. After finishing the process you can repeat it to ensure that you have eliminated all the viruses that your computer had.

Step 2: Normally Panda ActiveScan cleans the viruses, IF IT IS NOT THAT way, it will inform you of what they are.

Probably this step can be skipped since Panda ActiveScan eliminates the most common viruses.

Actions for the prevention of new infections

These actions are important for the optimal functioning and reliability of your equipment.

Step 3: Install an ANTIVIRUS in case you do not have it.

The University of Granada has a license for its members to install Panda Antivirus. To do so, you just have to follow some simple instructions that are detailed on the Panda Antivirus download website.

Step 4: It is important that once the antivirus is installed, keep it updated, configuring the automatic updates. Thus your team will be protected against new viruses.

Step 5: Operating systems (Windows 98, Windows XP, …) and applications (Outlook, Outlook Express, …) may have vulnerabilities that are exploited by viruses to infect computers. The solution is to keep the software updated.

Through Internet you can download the updates that have been released to date, for this open Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Windows Update to connect to the Microsoft page that publishes updates for their products. Following the instructions you can put your software up to date.

Clicking on Search Updates will show you the set of updates that are available for your team, some of them are critical, which means that they solve security problems. It is very important that you install them all.

Do this periodically or configure the Automatic Updates.

Step 6: Keep the equipment up-to-date with new vulnerabilities: configure the automatic updates (if you have Windows XP) to acquire the automatic updates that periodically come out.

To configure them: Start -> Control Panel -> Systems -> Automatic Updates

Step 7: If possible, use a firewall.

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