How to optimize PC?

If your computer is slow it is time to optimize your PC, and do not worry, because all the programs

10 programs to optimize PC

Best programs to optimize your PC Free with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 1. CCleaner Without a doubt

How to clean a Windows computer to improve its performance?

If you want to optimize and accelerate your Windows computer or laptop, it is time to do a cleanup with

Find the best free program to clean and accelerate your PC

We want to talk today about the most outstanding programs for the cleaning of the Windows PC and that are

How to disinfect your computer from viruses

The steps to follow when your computer has been infected with a virus are divided into two classes, which are

Protect your PC from viruses

Symptoms of infection We can detect that our computer is infected by a virus and other malicious software, observing certain

Basic Security Tips of Windows XP

Introduction This page aims to give some basic tips to work more safely within a network like UGR. The tips